In this article, you will get to know how to create auto-reply in SocialBot.

Note: you must have feature access

Take the following steps to create auto-reply in SocialBot:

Step 1: On the left-hand menu, click on the reply option
Step 2: Click on create a new template.

Step 3: Select a page where you want to deliver an automatic reply.

Step 4: If any user posts any offensive comments, you can control them with two options. You can delete it or hide it from the page.
 Step 5: Add your keywords for a reply, then select the template for a reply, or add it.
 Step 6: You have four options for the reply setting you can switch on or off as per your requirement.
Step 7: You have two option for a reply
1. Generic message for all
2. Send a message by filtering word/sentence

If you selected the Generic option, then each user gets a reply. You have another option filtering words based on keywords.

Step 8: Add reply campaign name and add your keywords for filtration.

Step 9: Add your reply.

Step 10: As per your choice, you have two options images or videos as per your need.
Step 11: You can add your template. And click on the submit button.
Your Autoreply has been created and ready to shoot a reply automatically.