We come up with a new feature for SocialBot users, which is sending e-commerce shops order details to WhatsApp numbers. We believe that it will enhance users and client eCommerce Shop's experience.

Let's began to understand how its works:
Step 1: Go to your store. if the store is not ready, please Click here
Step 2: Once the store building process completed, then go to the appearance settings option ( available on the right side menu )
Step 3: Scroll down at the bottom. You will see an option for enabling that WhatsApp sends order Buttons. Please enable it.
Step 4: Enter your WhatsApp Phone number with the country code option.
Step 5: You can modify your WhatsApp message and use variables.
Step 6: Click on the Save button.
Done! your ready to send order details.

Note: this feature works only with a smartphone that has a browser.

Result: ( Client-side )