This helpful article will guide you to make reply automation that gives a rating to your location.

Let's begin to learn,

Step 1: On the left-hand menu, search for 'Location Manager' option.

Step 2: Select your location.

Step 3:  To add automation; click on 'Add Setting' button.

Step 4: Select your Rating. on which rating your want, sent a message to the rating user. For example, if you select a 5 Star rating and the message is " thank you for 5 Star rate," this message will deliver only to users who give you a 5-star rating.

Step 5: You have two options to send messages.
1. Generic

2. Keyword-based. 

Genetic: It will send the same message every time to the rating user

Enter your message for generic, then click on the "Add Setting" button. Done your generic message is ready.

Keyword-based: This will match user replies with keywords. If a keyword is found, then MyBusiness will send matched keyword messages.

Step 1: Add keyword with a comma, For example, "Morning, afternoon, night."
Step 2: Add your message here.
Step 3: If you want to add more keyword-based messages, then click here to add them.
Step 4: This message will deliver if no matched keyword is found in a user message.

Step 5: Click on 'Add Setting' Button. Done; your rating reply automation is ready.