Note:- you must have feature access.

You can watch the following video or read the article. 

Step 1: Log in to social bot go to 'Messenger Bot Option'.

Step 2: You have 4 options to add messenger. For now, I am selecting the 'Customer Chat plugin'.

Step 3: Click on 'Create Plugin' to generate a plugin for the website.

Step 4: Select a Facebook page.

Step 5: Enter the website where you want to add this plugin. Make sure that it must be HTTPS.

Step 6: Enter details for the appearance of Facebook chat like language, colors. For Login yes/ No option, we recommend always say 'NO' option.

Step 7: Enter your greeting msg for customers when they login/Logout.

Step 8: Select OPT-in, or you can create a new one using the 'Add Template' option; also, you can add a chat Label( optional ).

Step 9: Click on the generate button. Then copy code.

Step 10: Log in to your Magento Admin panel.

Step 11: Go to Contain and then select the configuration option.

Step 12: Select the edit option to edit the header section.

Step 13: Paste your script in the 'Scripts and Style Sheets' section.

Step 14: Click on the 'Save Configuration' button. 

Great! Your plugin has been added and ready to use now.