Sequence messaging is a marketing strategy that sends a pre-written set of messages to messenger bot subscribers over time. This feature can send 24H promo and non-promotional with tag message sequence to messenger bot subscriber.


Go to Messenger Bot > Bot Settings, and you will find a new block named sequence message settings.

Click on the 'Add sequence' to add a new sequence.

The list will also show a briefcase icon beside every sequence set that will expand action buttons, including editing, deleting, and reporting.

Sequence type

There is a total of 6 types of sequences. There must be a default type sequence for each page. You can multiply the sequence of other types.

Default sequence

Any new subscriber will fall under this sequence if not another advanced sequence is found. You can create only one of this type, and creating a default type sequence is required.

Custom sequence

You can create multiple custom sequence, and it is beneficial to assign a sequence manually to a subscriber from Subscriber Manager > Bot Subscribers > Action or specify sequence while creating postback from Messenger Bot > Postback manager

Messenger engagement re-targeting (sequence based on entry point)

The rest of the types are for messenger engagement tools. For example, say we are using checkbox type. Clicking it will show your checkbox plugin list, and you can select one. When a visitor comes through that checkbox plugin, he/she will automatically be assigned under this sequence campaign. Sequence message campaigns can be set for the checkbox plugin only after replying to the message sent for checkbox OPT-IN.

The rest of the types are the same as the checkbox type.

Sequence time

You can send any promotional content under the '24hour promotional' sequence. Pages are permitted to send a promotional message to subscribers, and those who have sent a message to your page in the last 24 hours. The 24-hour limit is refreshed each time a person responds to a business through one of the eligible actions listed in messenger conversation entry points. The targeted subscribers may be less than the real count because our system's suitable subscriber calculation algorithm was implemented using 23 hours time frame and avoiding risk.

Use daily non-promotional sequence with message tag carefully. The message must not contain any advertisement or promotional material & use an appropriate tag that's is applicable for sending a message to those people. Using a message tag without proper reason may result in block your page's messaging option by Facebook.

You can up to 30 message in this sequence ranging from day 1 to day 30. For a daily non-promo campaign, you can specify the time of the day you want to send the message. The system will start processing a message from the starting hour & terminate processing at the day's closing hour. The time interval must be a minimum of one hour. If your subscriber list for this campaign is extensive, you should select a larger time interval to send all messages properly.


The report of hourly and daily sequence messages will look like below correspondingly. It will show each hour or day report of each send and show the send & delivery status alongside error messages.