Action button settings will help you collect user information or send them notifications. This article will give information about action button settings.

How to reach action button settings
Step 1: Open the hamburger menu, go to the messenger bot option.

Step 2: You will see 1st option name as bot setting click on the action button a new page will open.

Step 3: Select the page where you want to design this action button

Step 4: You will see the option name as action button settings. Click on the change settings option you will see the drop-down with multiple options. 

You have ten options in the action button here. You can collect user information and send them notifications.

  1. Get-started template
  2. No match templates
  3. Un-subscribe template
  4. Re-subscribe template
  5. Email quick reply template
  6. Phone quick reply template
  7. Location quick reply template
  8. Birthday quick reply template
  9. Chat with human template
  10. Chat with robot template
  • Let get started with the Get-Started Template:
    • To welcome users with attractive welcome messages, you can build a get a started template. You have multiple options to send a welcome message like Text, Image, Audio, Video, File, Quick reply, Text with buttons, Generic template, Carousel, Media, One Time Notification.
  • No Match templates.
    • This template will send a message to the customer when the bot did not find any keyword-related message. For example, if you design a bot for the “support, Contact” keyword, but the customer sends you “I need help” at this movement bot did not find any keyword-related template then, and then-No match template will trigger.
  • Un-subscribe template –
    • When users do not want your service or updates, you can send them an un-subscribe template.
  • Re-subscribe template
    • This template will be sent when the user wants your service and updates again and wants to rejoin you.
  • Email quick reply template.
    • In this template, you can collect user email id and send them notifications and updates.
  • Phone quick reply template.
    • This template can collect user phone numbers and send them notifications and updates, even offline or online.
  • Location quick reply template
    • If you want to collect your location and sell them as per location, you can send this template and get their location for delivery or another purpose.
  • Birthday template.
    • Collect user’s birthdays and wish them or send surprises to them to show your loyalty to customers.
  • Chat with the human template.
    • If the customer does not want to chat with the bot, he needs direct interaction with humans. At this time, you can send this template to users, and you will get an email notification that the customer needs your help.
  • Chat with bot template.
    • If users want to chat with the bot again n you send this template and notify them about how they can interact with the bot.