SocialBot manages to bother internal and external subscribers.

  • Internal:-
    • Messenger
  • External
    • Email
    • SMS ( Phone number )         

Let begin with Internal subscribers.

Messenger subscriber:

  • SocalBot offering three features in messenger subscriber
  • You can sync your subscribers.
  • You can get information subscribers and manage it.
  • You can manage labels for simplicity.

Sync Your subscriber.

In this, you have four options to handle it as follows.

  • You can view the list of subscribers.
  • You can scan the latest leads.
  • You can keep run your scanning in the background so that you can get the latest leads.
  • Latest conversation.

Manage subscriber information

Subscribers communicate with your bot, and the bot will automatically collect basic information from them to maintain a connection with them. Here you can check customer details. To view details, click on the action button.

When you click on the action button pop-up will be shown. Then customer information like is it subscribed or not name id OPT-in from, you can add a label for further use. Here you can see which massage sequence they are interacting with.

If the customer gives custom information, it will be shown here.

When customers purchase something from an eCommerce store, all orders are listed here to track them by customer.

Label manager

You can create a label here & manage it. You can delete labels.

External subscribers. ( SMS and Email )

You will get three options to manage it.

  • You can create a group.
  • Create a contact book
  • Email phone OPT-in form building.

Let get started with group creating

Step 1: Click on the action button.

Step 2: Click on the new group button.

Step 3: Enter your group name and click save. Done

Contact book

Let us understand how to create contact.

Step 1:  Go to the contact group option, click on the action button a new page will open.

Step 2: Click on the new contact pop up will open.

Step 3:  Enter basic details about the customer or contact people like name, email, phone number, and group you want to save. Click on the save button done your contact is created.

You can view your contact edit your contact, and delete it by using action buttons.

You can import or export contacts and assign sequence campaigns.

Now let learn how to build an email from OPT-in builder

Step 1: Click on the create OPT-in form.

Step 2: Enter form name and select form name.

Step 3: Select the email campaign and an SMS campaign.

Step 4: You can customize your form with location and background. You can set custom messages when successful full form submission.

Step 5: To build the form, drag and drop features and click on the Save button.

Your OPT-in form is ready to collect user information.