You can now assign an SMS/Email sequence to your messenger subscribers and even create an SMS/Email sequence campaign for your external subscribers. Also, to make things easier, you can assign them manually with Social Bot’s Email SMS Sequence Campaigner add-on. Let’s learn more about how you can use them.

 You can watch this video. 

To create a sequence for external subscribers.

1. Choose Broadcasting; there, select sequence campaign, and click on actions.

2. There, you will come across the add sequence button to curate the sequence campaign. 

3. To see the campaign report, you can look at it from the campaign table on the corresponding report icon.

How to assign sequences to external subscribers?

1. Go to subscriber messenger and choose the contact book.

2. There, you can select your contact and then click on options and opt for the assigned sequence.

3. Then select your sequence campaign from the dropdown and save it.

4. By clicking on contact details, you can also get it done manually.